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3 more days and its Christmas

Now I can feel that its Christmas Season already. A lot of people is going on leave for Christmas Vacation (unfortunately.... been celebrating Christmas in the office for the past 2 years).. on the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day it is gonna be my Rest Day. For the first time in 3 years, Its gonna be my restday on those days (DAMN!! as far as I really want to work but it seems that my teammates doesn't want to have a swap since its DOUBLE PAY!!!). Probably it will be the first time that I am going to spend it alone in my room.

Its kinda sad but I don't have any choice.

Poh, will be having a shift on that night. Establishments are closed. And I bet less jeeps will be on the road.


But still I am hoping for a Happy Christmas on that night.


Here are my Christmas Wishlist, Its just a list though..

Boxer Shorts

Since I sleep and stay in my room a lot. It would be better if I only wear boxer shorts since its very relaxing and it will lessen my laundry problems.

A White or Dirty White Chuck Taylor Shoes

Probably if I have money I will buy this. Probably from Bench or Penshoppe (I Prefer. Converse is too expensive)

A Pair of Jeans

A pair of Jeans ( Rugged Look ) from JAG, Dickies or Bench. This is the first Christmas that I haven't bought any pants. (will be buying by January)

New Jacket ( the green one from ArtWork )

Hayyyyyyy... Been dying to buy that Jacket that I saw in ArtWork. But Im working on it right now. ( Diet!! Diet!!! Diet!! )

Toblerone Dark Choco

A lot of Chocolates... I mean dark chocolates.. But unfortunately, Im Allergic to it ( sad.. sigh..)

Pizza and Pasta

I miss my mom's homemade pasta... huhuuhuhu...
and a take out Pizza from Shakey's huhuhuhuhu....

A lot of Christmas Greetings

Somehow.. greetings on Christmas Eve will somewhat makes me happy and satisfied. Well at least they are thinking about you and your happiness.

One of the best gift that I have received. Well kowing that theres someone who cares for you and loves u undeniably... That really feels good... Not just during christmas season... But all of the time..



Giving Thanks to those people.. who made me Smile, Laugh, and Feel that I exist..

To my close friends...

Who never gave up on me... even though during dark times..

To my enemies...

That made me a better person and teach me how to fight and act professionally.

To my Family...

Who is always there... to cheer me up and made me what I am right now..

To Poh

Who never gave up on me... For giving me love that makes me smile and help me back on the track.. For making me feel not just satisfied but contented


To God

For giving me blessings and inspirations in Life...

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On December 23, 2008 at 4:38 PM , PUSANG-gala said...

Have yourself a merry little Christmas, Let your heart be light~~~

On December 24, 2008 at 12:56 AM , Mhaldito~ said...

Thankie thanks..