1/01/2009 11:57:00 AM | Author: Mhaldito~

Probably the Best Year for me ever.

This is the time when I decided to work here in Cebu and join the crowd. This is the time when I decided to leave the company when I feel that I’m not well compensated considering the tenureship, dedication and hard work that I gave to the company.

It is on this year when I found a new home, new career and new “me”. Though a lot of struggle came when I’m still on a transition from the things that I am used to be to the things that is New to me. It is also on this time when I decided to leave and let go of someone I knew and been longing for. Well it really felt good.

In this year, I found myself all alone and felt that I’m fooled to those people whom I thought who would save me of what I’ve become.

But evetually, someone came. And thought me how to be open again and tells me there’s more to life than the four walls of my room.

This is the time when I truly understand what Unconditional Love is and knowing how to keep it.

It is the time when I found true friends that really understand and cares.

Its been a good year to me. Hoping for a better, happy and worth living 2009.

Happy New Year!!

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On January 2, 2009 at 6:13 AM , Elyong said...

2008 may be your best year, but i still hope that your 2009 will be notch higher than your 2008.


On January 2, 2009 at 2:59 PM , Mhaldito~ said...

Thnx @ Elyog

Am looking forward and setting goals for 2009..