11/04/2008 05:43:00 PM | Author: Mhaldito~

I always believe in the saying ...

"Patience is a virtue..."

But what happened today made me think and rephrase that quote to...

"Patience, Is it really a virtue?"


Why are there people keeps pulling you down despite of what you did in order to make them better? And all you can do is to let them pull you down and make them a better one. This question really boggles my mind every time. I guess I have a lot patience on that.
But I guess I reached the limit.


Why is it that there are certain people that you treat as a good friend would turn their back and pull you down as well instead of defending you and hear your side. I guess its very hard to find a friend that is sincere and would see you on the good side not on the bad side (as what most of us do.). I've had enough... well i guess not most of the time u get a good catch..


One text message (an advise) from a friend ( a true friend )... said

"You are not born to please these kind of people."


Be a better person, have more patience on improving yourself than wasting it by pleasing them... Let them see you that you stood on a platform with them not on a platform up on the stage..

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