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Today... 2 text messages from a friend and a relative makes me smile and think of someone I miss the most ... As of the moment I am missing someone... Too bad I can't be with him all the time... But then again I realize.. You really need to miss someone to know how important they are... I hope that he is feeling the same way too..

I just want to share this wonderful message to those people who miss their love one(s)... 


"When I'm not there... do you think of me? When you're sad and something's bothering you... do you wish I were there to help comfort you? When you've had a long hard day... do you smile knowing that soon you'll be seeing me, and everything will seem better, even if it's just for a moment? When you lay down at night... do you look back and cherish the new memories you've made with me? And when you get up in the morning, does everything inside of you smile, knowing that this will be another day that we'll be together? because that's how I think of you..."


Others say:
"Missing someone is when it's them you think of when your alone."

But I say:
"Missing someone is when your thinking of that perosn...


Even if your with a happy crowd.."

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