11/22/2008 12:43:00 AM | Author: Mhaldito~
Still on Rest day...

I was busy reading some forum site and community site when suddenly i came across with a discussion about love.. It really inspire me reading these stuff...

It started when somebody posted ....

"if love is based on lies... does that mean its not a real feeling?"

then all of a sudden replies has been flowing... one reply that i liked the most and inspires me the most is this..

"It depends upon the choice of the person to be honest or not... but that doesn't mean that love is not a real feeling.. love is real and existing..."

"But i don't believe in love as a matter of fate. Love is a matter of choice.. "

"Yes and so as everything else just like love it is a decision, decision to whether make it last or not..."


for me..

Love indeed is a matter of choice.. Its a decision to make it last or not..
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