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Finding a serious relationship is not easy to get. It takes a lot of stressful stages just to know that a person is really into you and you are ready to commit. Sometimes getting to know each other is not enough just to start a relationship. It takes a lot of strategy just to know if that person really cares or commit on what he says.

A friend of mine met a guy through chat and find him interesting. They exchange numbers and get to know each other through SMS. They met... and find themselves comfortable with each other... As days goes by... Constant communication showing affection.. numerous dates and thinking that they like each other... They step up into the next level and starting to build a serious relationship...

After days of observation if they are really into each other... My friend told me that he feels that his partner is just playing around and likes him just to be around... I asked him a question. "Were you able to confirm or is it just that you feel that he is not that serious?" He said.. "yes" ... I replied.. "How?" ... He answered.. "He just wanted me to be around." ... I did not replied coz its his own perception to think that way and I respect it... But when I realized and suddenly a question came out of my mouth... "How can u be serious if you think that he cheats on you with just one simple reason?"...

no answer at all... (deadma ang show)


Meeting and Getting to know each other is not enough just to start a serious relationship. It takes time to trust somebody's commitment. When you try to commit your not playing at all. You risk yourself and gamble your emotion with discourage.

Do not expect when you try to commit, Learn from each others mistake,Give time and space to breathe, Learn to accept that he has his own life and his life doesn't evolve around you (vice versa), Wait and never give up. With these you will truly see that Getting Serious is not like a candy that you can grab it and eat it right away.


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