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According to the song...

"Love moves in mysterious ways..."

Love really moves in mysterious ways. It is unpredictable. It moves in a way where we don't know how to control it. It moves in a way that seems nobody is around you and your world shuts down. It moves in a way where we believe, hope and dream that happiness could be achieved in an utmost level. Like every mans dream "To fall in love... and be loved in return."

Love is the foundation of any relationships. It is the basic foundation of trust and commitment. It is the source of sacrifices and understandings. It makes your self-steem low. It makes a different person. and somehow it makes us a better person.

But how positively can we think of love. Love can be harsh in some ways.

Love can ruin partnership and break the bond of trust and commitment. It is the reason why we became selfish and self-centered. We easily get attached to someone that we forget ourselves and the people around us.

But eventhough we lose some of it. We still hope that one day love will come our way no matter how hard the consequences is just to feel love once again and be happy...

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