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When I woke up, I rushed in front of my PC and do some bonding moment with it since its my rest day.

I changed all my status to Available in both YM and GTalk.

I came across with friend who is online. We talked for almost an hour. He was nursing graduate and currently in one of the hospitals here in the country.

When we chatted he said that he will be out of the country soon because his "Destiny" calls him to go there and work.

I said...

"There is no such things as Destiny." He replied, "Yes, there is.. Working out of the country is my Destiny and its calling me."

and then I paused.. tried to think.. and then said..

"Destiny do not exist. Everything happens for a reason cause you chose for it. You choose what would you do in life that would make your life easy. Its like having a dream and ambition.. You cannot achieve them once you do not do it and decide for yourself... In my own opinion what you decide for yourself is what makes you a better person and what makes your life more easier. It is not destiny.. It is what you do and what you choose that will make you happy."

suddenly ... there was silence..

and he said..

"yeah.. you're right.."
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On October 20, 2008 at 1:40 PM , Comrade M said...

Great Blog about destiny and how its really a choice. I believe people use destiny as an excuse to not further themselves in many situation, People have can always choose there own actions, its not some mysterious being(god/s) or a government that forces you to do things, and its not destiny, its your own choice where it be good or bad.