9/27/2008 02:41:00 PM | Author: Mhaldito~
After shift..

We decided to go out and have some drink since its the last day prior to our new shift. We decided to go in mango since its Saturday night (technically Sunday dawn).

While we were in the cab a topic has been opened by Dhomz ( teammate and a good friend ),

he said

"Theres no such thing as satisfaction."



It made me think and said "yeah right" (in a sarcastic way).

And suddenly Yodge (supervisor/friend) said..

"But there is contentment...

Satisfaction... you can be satisfied of what you are but there is something that lacks you.

While being contented you can be happy and satisfied cause you accept what you are.. what you do.. what other people treat you.."

I ended the topic, since we already arrived in our destination, saying...

"Basta ako.. am SATISFIED.."
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