3/10/2009 10:54:00 AM | Author: Mhaldito~
It is such a nice feeling when you can all say

"It's Over"

without any hesitation...


Most of us always hold on to something that we can barely touch. We always think that holding on means hope, where hope is becoming a mere ambition, a dream. A dream, that will never come true, that will always stay as a dream.

Learning the art of acceptance means facing the reality, We always get back on the track and move on. Live our lives in a normal way where it is used to be. We always move forward and leave no traces behind but tracks.

Right now... Life has been treating me so nice... Where I can live by my own decision, choose the right path for me. And most of all living life to its fullest, Loving the way it is, and accepting things always happen for a reason.
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