5/09/2009 07:41:00 PM | Author: Mhaldito~
People tend to get bitter everytime they lost the love that once they had. We tend to put hatred on it and ask ourselves "What have I done?" We become weak, start being sarcastic, and somehow lost the ability to love. We isolate ourselves and trying to find another comfort zone.

But looking on the brighter side. Instead of killing ourselves from emotional breakdown. Let go of things that aren't meant for you to have.

A friend once sent me a very inspiring message. It says:

"You should be bitter and don't be full of hatred when the one you love does not love u the way you love him. Ask, listen and let go. Don't force youself to understand when you can't, to fight hard when obviously its over and to play deaf to the nagging truth that what you've had doesn't work and wont work anymore...

Say this instead

I had loved you more than you think I would, but I feel sorry that you've lost your chance to be loved more that you would ever feel in your life after this."


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On May 24, 2009 at 10:57 PM , eye_spy said...

his loss not yours!

just droppin by.

On May 28, 2009 at 4:27 PM , Mhaldito~ said...

^_~ agree